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Jun 11, 2007 at 11:05 AM

back and forth feature in WS14000133


Dear gurus,

We are using WS14000133 (n-step approval using BADI) for Shopping Cart. In the library it is mentioned that for n-step approval workflow there is a function for back and forth. It is mentioned that using this feature, while the document is in approval process, an approver can return the document to its creator.

After that the creator can make some changes and then click a button to return it to the approver who has return the document to him/her in the first place (back and forth, so as not necessarily re-start the whole approvals).

It has been mentioned that this feagure should be available in all n-step approval workflow. We observed that button "Back to Purchaser" appears in PO, and in contract we have button "Back to Creator". However we dont see such button for SC in approval process. Is there any special action to be done to have the button?

Best regards,