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Former Member
Jun 11, 2007 at 10:27 AM

Transport to Consolidation system doesn't work


First of all, sorry if this is a silly question but I have to admin I am a little missed with NWDI. Every step we did we have a new error 😊

In this case, we have trying to move a iView using NWDI and process to transport from

Development Environment to Consolidation doesn't work.

We have done all steps to deploy changes in Development and iview

has been updated correctly. But then, when we release the DC in NWDS

and go to Transport View - Consolidation tab and we do the import

althougth we have a successfully message with "Import Finished", the

iview has not been updated in Consolidation system .

We have doublechecked server, port and SDM password in Runtine System

tab for this server and everything is OK.

I have analyzed all logs generated during Import process in Transport

Studio and no error is showed.

I have find in CBS Consolidation builspace and we don't have any activities pending, and additionally the DC doesn't appear in this buildspace. However in Development buildspace it is.

Could somebody help us putting some ligth on it? Where can I to try to obtain log information about why this change is not moved to Consolidation?

Thanks in advance.