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Jun 11, 2007 at 05:53 AM




am new in basis. am facing one problem production server .pls help me

my server is

sap 4.7ee

database 9i

os is windows 2003.

RAM is 4gb

swap is 12 max but is using 9.3 gb

swap record

Mon Jun 11 11:21:41 2007 interval 10 sec.

Com charg Com charge Act. size

limit [kb free [Kb] swap [Kb]

12852756 6645,616 9340,928

when the abapers writing the queries that time and some end user using some t codes that server given the error like <b>SYSTEM_NO_TASK_STORAGE</b>

<b>Unable to fulfil request for 1559240 bytes of storage space.</b>

in st22 t code error massage is Unable to fulfil request for 1559240 bytes of storage space.

What happened?

Each transaction requires some main memory space to process

application data. If the operating system cannot provide any more

space, the transaction is terminated.

What can you do?

Try to find out (e.g. by targetted data selection) whether the

transaction will run with less main memory.

If there is a temporary bottleneck, execute the transaction again.


If the error persists, ask your system administrator to check the

following profile parameters:

o ztta/roll_area (1.000.000 - 15.000.000)

Classic roll area per user and internal mode

usual amount of roll area per user and internal mode

o ztta/roll_extension (10.000.000 - 500.000.000)

Amount of memory per user in extended memory (EM)

o abap/heap_area_total (100.000.000 - 1.500.000.000)

Amount of memory (malloc) for all users of an application

server. If several background processes are running on

one server, temporary bottlenecks may occur.

Of course, the amount of memory (in bytes) must also be

available on the machine (main memory or file system swap).


Error analysis

A new storage area of 1559240 bytes was requested

(storage calss TASK).

All the available space has been used up.

Possible reason: Either the volume of data to be processed is too large

or the available swap space is too small.

How to correct the error

Restrict volume of data or increase swap space.

Decide by analysis whether this request is reasonable or whether there

is a program error. Pay particular attention to the internal table

entries listed below.

The amount of storage space (in bytes) filled at termination time was:

Roll area...................... 8112

Extended memory (EM)........... 14634144

Assigned memory (HEAP)......... 0

Short area..................... " "

Paging area.................... 1409024

Maximum address space.......... " "

You may able to find an interim solution to the problem

in the SAP note system. If you have access to the note system yourself,

use the following search criteria:

pls give me a solution it is urgent

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