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Jun 10, 2007 at 05:53 PM

Passing variable in RENDER_CELL_START method


Hello All,

Happy Monday morning...!

My requirement : Pass a variable to the iterator class's RENDER_CELL_START method...such that it should change dynamically for every ROW...

O.K. i did my part of searching and found passing--referencing-a-variable-between-iterator-a

And as mentioned, I chose to create a public attribute(RG_ID) of my iterator class, and then in my layout called it as follows :

    loop at itab into wa.
      clear wa.  
      read table itab into wa index sy-tabix.
      lw_iterator->RG_ID = wa-RG_ID.
              <htmlb:tableView id              = "TV1"
                               table           = "<%= gt_exc_tab_mod %>"
                               iterator        = "<%= lw_iterator %>"
                               selectionMode   = "MULTILINEEDIT"
                               keepSelectedRow = "TRUE"
                               filter          = "SERVER"                               />

But the problem with this is that it is just passing the last RG_ID to the RENDER_CELL_START...!

I understand that the logic used by me is incorrect...but right now can't think of anything else...!

Please help..!! a bit of URGENT..!!


Tatvagna Shah.