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Jun 10, 2007 at 02:04 PM




I'm new to SAP ABAP and I need one report. Can any one provide the coding for it and please help me out.

Below is the description of the report. This report is related with MM tables.

Objective: Measure of supplier on-time delivery performance review deliverys for a vendor for a given period, and determine the % on time performance.

Stat. Del Date: From the PO item detail tab; Delivery Schedule.

This is the vendor's promised date.

If it becomes known that the vendor can only deliver ordered goods some days later than originally stipulated,for instance,you can change the delivery date accordingly for materials planning and control purposes.However,the statistics-relevant delivery date remains unchanged.

Del Date: Date the goods are to be delivered.

GR date: the goods posting date. To be used if the del. date is not being maintained by buyers.


Vendor # : Query by Vendor

Creatuon Date: PO Creation Date Range

Deliv. Date: Delivery Date Range

Deletion Indicator: Exclude deleted line items.

Below is the display which should come.

Vendor# Name PO# Line Item Creation Date Start Del Date Delivery Date Gr date

Please provide me the coding for this.