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make to order process

Hi everyone,

Can somebody explain to me make to order and make to stock process in SAP, I mean not the theory but how it is carried out in SAP . I mean from creating sales order to billing including all the releasing in production orders. I would appreciate if I could get every t-code and process.


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    Jun 09, 2007 at 06:56 PM


    From PP Point of view i am giving this explanation

    In demand management there are two types of production

    Make to stock and another make to order.

    For make to stock various planning strategies are there like strategy 10,40,30,11

    These strategies differr in some aspects.

    In MTS Production, production is carried out whether we receive sales order or not

    stock can be swapped.

    Ex strategy 10 :Net reqmts planning

    sales order donot have influence over production

    In this case sales order is for display purpose only.

    ie sales order donot consume Planned independent reqmts

    whether sales order will consume Planned independent reqmts or not is defined

    in reqmt classes. From production point of view reqmt classes is 100 .

    This reqmt classes is assigned to reqmt type LSF.

    For SD reqmt type is KSL

    strategy 40 : Planning with final assembly

    Here sales order will consume PIR.

    For this strategy the setting is carried in reqmt classes in such a way that incoming sales order consumes PIR.

    Reqmt type VSF and reqmt classes 101.

    Strategy 11 : Gross reqmts planning

    Irrespective of stock in the plant the reqmt qty is planned .

    The system does not consider the available plant stock into account for

    during net reqmts calculation.

    Make to order: startegies available 20,50,60

    Strategy 20

    Based on sales order production is carried.

    stock cannot be swapped to others

    customer specific.

    NO PIR

    based on sales order planning is carried

    Reqmt type is KE

    When a GR is made from production in MTS strategy the

    stock will goto unrestricted use stock

    In MTO this will goto customer specific stock.

    Billing and delivery process as a SD guy you know .



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    Jun 10, 2007 at 04:32 AM



    Make-to-order processing takes place when inventory is not generally stoked but instead the firm wants until an order hass been placed and then produces just what has been ordered.

    Ex: In this case, a deluxe motorcycle gas tank that must be produced form an unpainted tank, paint and gas cap. These are two processes that must be completed in the production -

    paint the tank and when tank is dry, attach the gas cap.

    The BOM are needed to create a given product. The routing information gives what processes need to be carried out in what order and even how long each process should take. All this information together can be used to determine what the total cost of the product and determining the profitability of the product.

    A—Creation of materials:---

    T code: MM01

    Ex; 1400-7—1xx

    Enter material, ind. Sector and material type.

    Select the org. levels plant, stor. Location, sales org, DC, Warehoused no, storage type.

    Repeat the same process for all components.

    B—Creation of BOM:--

    T code: CS01

    C—Set up routing:--

    T code: CA02

    D—pricing conditions:--

    T code: VK11

    E—purchasing materials:--

    Create a purchasing order req. for components from vendor.

    Create PO: ME21

    F—Receiving materials:--

    GR:- MIGO

    Go through MMBE then u will get stock available or not.


    1. creating a sales order for product not kept in the inventory. This will atomically generated the relevant production order.

    2. we assume production is done ahead of \schedule. After production is completed you will confirm production order as fully completed .

    3. Newly determine the availability of sales order.

    4. shipment

    5. TO for delivery

    6. Billing

    7. Payments

    Reward points if u helpful.



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      1. You have created sales order (va01)

      2. MRP Run is carried out (MD02)

      3. Planned orders will be created.

      4. his planned orders needs to be converted to Production orders in co40

      5..This production orders needs to be released for production Manual or

      automatic release during order creation.

      6.Goods issue need to be carried out against production order(MB1A)

      7.Once production is over we need to confirm the order(CO15)

      8.After confirmation we need to post Goods receipt.(MB31)

      9.Once the stock is posted we need to deliver the material against the sales