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Jun 08, 2007 at 11:19 PM

Vendor replication using BBP_VENDOR_SYNCH not working.


Hello experts!

I have just configured the automatic vendor replication for SRM 5.0 (ECS being used). In our case, it is conected to a single ECC backend system.

Basically I followed these simple instructions:

Configure" target="_blank">">Configure BBP_VENDOR_SYNCH

However, after I create a vendor in the backend system, it is not being replicated, even though the job is being executed correctly

configured parameters in SRM-SPRO:

- Make Global Settings

- Create new vendors also <checked>

- Carry Out Address Comparison to Determine Duplicates <not checked>

- Organizational Unit in EBP for the Vendor <vendor node in PPOMV_BBP>

- Vendor Number Assignment Type <Only assign R/3 Numbers>

- Define Settings for vendor Synchronization per Backend

- Order = 2

- LogSystem = <backend logical system>

- Vendor role = LI <---- not sure if this is correct tried different approaches such as LF, VN, etc and still didn't work

- Creditor Sel- = <blank>

- No PchOrg = <not checked>

- Local Purchase Org = <blank>

- Currency = <blank>

- Info Number as D&B Number = <not checked>

We created a vendor in the backend and when the job is executed (the job is executed correctly), I check the log using BBP_SNEW_SYNCVD, but it says "No Vendors Found to Display.", and the vendor is not replicated into SRM.

What might be the problem?

This seems to be a pretty simple process, but it's not working =(

Other than transaction BBP_SNEW_SYNCVD, I don't find any other log...

I appreciate any comments!


Gilberto Gallardo