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Jun 08, 2007 at 11:37 AM

Different values for different users


Hello All,

Well to start with, this is my first post in this Security Forum.

Our requirement is to store different Carrier ID's in different people's ID's.

1) I started with creating an Authorization Field say <b>ZCARRID.</b>

2) Then I created an Onject Class(<b>ZTX_OC</b>) in SU21 and then created an Authorization Object inside the Class. Lets say the Auth Obj. is named <b>ZTX_AO1</b>

3) Now I went to <b>PFCG</b>, and created a Role, <b>ZTX_RL</b> and went to Authorization Data, clicked on Changed Authorization data, and then manually added Auth. Obj. and then added specific Carrier ID values like AA, BB.

4) Now finally went to SU01 and added the ROLE to the users profile...

But if I have 150 different users with different values in each, then will I have to create 150 different ROLES for the same....

Can't I add localization data for the users ??

Please advise....


Tatvagna Shah

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Tatvagna Shah