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Jun 08, 2007 at 09:15 AM



There seem to be any number of questions on OO and ALV grid none of which I suspect really give you the answers you are looking for so I've put together a program which gives you more or less EVERYTHING you could possibly want or need in the OO ALV grid including interactive data entry

it does basically the following

  • 1) Build Dynamic ITAB with fields NOT defined in DDIC

  • 2) Build Dynamic FieldCat. Table structure is obtained via

  • the new RTTI functionality

  • 3) Add the CELL colour table as a deep structure to our dynamic table

  • so we can colour individual cells.

  • 4) Inherit a class so protected attributes of class cl_gui_alv_grid

  • can be accessed

  • 5) Add events so we can can program functionality when the user presses the ENTER key,

  • or selects an action from the toolbar.

  • 6) Display one line of a grid from our dynamic table with some cells coloured.

  • 6) Set the Grid editable.

  • 7) if user enters data then colour cells of entered data.

  • 8) show contents of new table after all data has been entered.

The code is in the following thread -- look for my post (james hawthorne)


Hopefully this is of use to you