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Jun 07, 2007 at 07:54 PM

Data load update from PSA to ODS fails with a short dump


Data load update from PSA to ODS fails with a short dump Exception

condition "NOT_EXIST" raised.

We have a situation where Billing Delta has an issue.

The update from Billing ODS to the Billing cube. The standard LO extractor 2lis_13_vditm is used for the extraction.

We have a scenario where one request is not getting updated from the

PSA to the ODS. The request is showing red in the PSA. When we try to

update it to the ODS it fails with the dump message

Short text

Exception condition "NOT_EXIST"


Here is the source code extract where it fails:

47 raise not_allowed.

48 endif.


50 if l_type <> rsatr_c_odso.

51 e_rnrsid = i_odssid.

52 exit.

53 endif.


55 select * from rsreqicods into table l_t_rsreqicods where

56 tabname = i_dta and

57 typ = 'I' and

58 odssid = i_odssid.

59 if sy-subrc <> 0.

60 if l_s_dta-odsotype = 'W'.

61 call function 'RRSI_SID_VAL_SINGLE_CONVERT'

62 exporting

63 i_iobjnm = '0REQUID'

64 i_sid = i_odssid

65 importing

66 e_chavl = l_rnr.

67 select * from rsreqicods into table l_t_rsreqicods where

68 tabname = i_dta and

69 typ = 'I' and

70 rnr = l_rnr and

71 odssid > 0.

72 if sy-subrc <> 0.

73 raise not_exist.

74 exit.

75 endif.

76 else.

>>>>> raise not_exist.

78 exit.

79 endif.

80 endif.


82 clear e_rnrsid.

83 e_rnrsid_max = i_odssid.

84 exit.

Since the request is not getting updated, we are not able to load the

ZBILLING cube and all the reports on the Billing cube are affected.

Here is a sequence of events:

In the process chain, there is a full update infopackage

followed by a Billing delta process.

The full infopackage failed and the subsequent delta triggered. The request

updated to the ODS but failed in the Update rule step, but went and

updated the cube as well. In the meanwhile the full infopackage was fixed and

it triggered another load of the Billing delta. The first updated

request was seen in the cube but the corresponding request in the ODS

was not seen. Not sure if it was a GUI issue. Since the request was not

seen in the ODS, we deleted the request from the cube and tried to

reconstruct from the PSA which resulted in the dump. Meanwhile the

second delta update to the ODS never updated to the ODS.

We would like to know if there is a way to update the request from the

PSA to the ODS and hence the cube can load from the ODS. We looked for

OSS notes but these were not applicable to our patch level as we are in

Patch 10 of NW2004S.

Any help is in this regard is welcome.