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Jun 07, 2007 at 06:51 PM

Adding field to 0PROFIT_CTR_ATTR datasource



We currently use the 0PROFIT_CTR object in several cubes in our bw production systems.

We are now creating a new cube, where we have a requirement for the Profit Center Area (CPEC-KHINR). 0PROFIT_CTR is sourced from the CPEC table. To meet this new requirement, we need to start loading the KHINR field from CPEC also.

I'm unsure if we should just enhance the 0PROFIT_CTR_ATTR datasource to include KHINR, and add a custom object Profit Center Area as an attribute of the 0PROFIT_CTR object. Or if I should create a new datasource with this field, and load the new Profit Center Area object using that datasource.

I am cautious about changing the 0PROFIT_CTR_ATTR datasource and 0PROFIT_CTR infopbject because they are widley used in our production systems already. We do have dev and test systems where these changes will be implemented before going to production, but I'm curious as to the best approach.

Any input is much appreciated.