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Jun 07, 2007 at 06:49 PM

BI Post Installation Steps ( ATTN: Srilatha, If you are around)


<b>Hi Gurus,</b>

In my last thread I talked briefly about the BI cont error. Somehow I feel there's something missing somewhere eventhough i followed the BI best practice documentation. Can anyone help me with <b>BI step by step procedure on the post installation</b> . When does the TCT and Admin Cockpit comes into picture?? After BI cont i.e I/O, DSO, Cube etc install OR before that OR parallaly?? Who installs TCT and Admin Cockpit BI dveloper or BASIS?? I have these notes handy 965386 and 93484. Any input is appreciated.

<b>Hi Srilatha,</b>

I am not sure if you will look into this, from searching the SDN thread it seems to me that you are extensively involved in BI Cont. , TCT and Admin Cockpit area.

If you have time, can you plz. share your expertise on those areas with me the way i can finish all necessary install on the BI cont, TCT and admin cockpit to start with our development work(Procedure to follow). I would highly appreciate your help. Thanks a bunch.