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Jun 07, 2007 at 05:14 PM

Smart forms grouping to two different spool request - "Very Urgent"


Hello All,

I am facing one problem regarding spool generation in smart form. I want to use only two different spools to group 2 different smart forms all together, lets say

I have form A and form B, then I want that for all employees who have form-A grouped in spool X and all form-B grouped under spool Y.

I have also checked the options available in smart form which say that ‘no_open’ and ‘no_close’ parameter available in ‘control_parameters’ structure allow to add several form to one spool.

First call: no_open =space and no_close = ‘X’.

All subsequent calls: no_open = ‘X’ and no_close = ‘X’.

Last call: no_open = ‘X’ and no_close = space.

But in my scenario it doesn’t work at all.

I have the following loop structure in my report-program.

A pseudo code snippet is mentioned below.

GET pernr. ‘Get pernr event

Loop at itab.

Call to subroutine to print Form-A.

Read itab2. “Fetch the record if the corresponding record to itab1 is available in itab2.

If record found.

Call to subroutine to print Form-B



End-of –selection.

Could you please help me how can I adjust the parameter calling so that I could achieve the above mentioned behavior?

Point will be rewarded if helpful.

Warm Regards,

Shakti Barath