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Former Member
Jun 07, 2007 at 04:40 PM

Could any body suggest hoe to tune this SELECT stmt?


DATA : BEGIN OF it_bkpf OCCURS 100,

bukrs LIKE bkpf-bukrs,

belnr LIKE bkpf-belnr,

gjahr LIKE bkpf-gjahr,

blart LIKE bkpf-blart,

budat LIKE bkpf-budat,

usnam LIKE bkpf-usnam,

dbblg LIKE bkpf-dbblg,

stblg LIKE bkpf-stblg,

stjah LIKE bkpf-stjah,

bktxt LIKE bkpf-bktxt,

grpid LIKE bkpf-grpid,

awkey LIKE bkpf-awkey,

tcode LIKE bkpf-tcode,

END OF it_bkpf.

SELECT bukrs belnr gjahr blart budat usnam dbblg stblg stjah

bktxt grpid awkey tcode

INTO TABLE it_bkpf

FROM bkpf

WHERE bukrs IN s_bukrs AND

budat IN postdate AND

blart IN s_blart AND

  • blart in s_blart1 and

usnam IN s_usnam


Could you please suggest what is wrong or how to tune this SELECT stmt?