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Jun 07, 2007 at 01:20 PM

Payroll problem


When I hire an employee manually using PA40 action, I am able to run the payroll for the employee. When I select an employee whose data has been populated using the conversion (ABAP program using BAPI and BDC), I get an ABAP dump. On debugging I realize that for the employee manually hired into the system an entry in table HRP1001 is created with object ID CP(central person) which is not there for the employees whose data is brought into the system using conversion and this is causing the error. I checked T77S0 and confirmed that global employment switches (CCURE) are not marked as X.

Working further on the problem, I commented the function UTRST in the schema UEND(ZEND in our case) which is a schema in U000(Z000 in our case). After that the payroll seems to be running fine.The comment beside the function UTRST is 'Build tax reporter index table T5UX1'. The help for the function says 'The purpose of this function is to check and update the US tax reporter index table T5UX1 during the payroll run'.

In the development system, the payroll is running fine without commenting this function. I wonder what is the reason for the same and if there is some relationship between the central person in table HRP1001 and tax reporter index table T5UX1. In QAS testing would continue for gross and I would keep this function commented till the issue is resolved.

I would appreciate your ideas on what should be done to resolve the issue.