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Jun 06, 2007 at 05:40 PM

Bin to Bin transfer(Urgent)


Hello Guys,

I have a question. We have a problem in warehouse and can anyone help me out of this scenario:

We have a warehouse, and we perform cycle counting to check the inventory. We want all the bins to hold the same quantity (say 100), if a bin has more than 100 items it is moved to the next neighbouring bin. So, all the bins exceeding 100 items (unique) get into a "NEW" bin and consequntly the count in the bin increases (from 0 to 100). In this process,

Say bin 1 is the bin from which material is removed and bin 2 is the bin to which material needs to be transfered. The status of the material in "Bin 1"is "unrestricted" but when it moved to "bin 2" it needs to be turned to "Block" until the bin gets filled completly. After the bin gets the required count(100), the status of the material needs to be changed back to "unrestricted".


1.Material used is unique

2.Bins can contain more than 100 items, but to make all the bins contain equal amount we carry out the process (making all the bins to contain equal amounts)

2.Status of the material needs to changed from un-restricted to blocked (during bin to bin trasfer) and back to unrestricted after the count is reached

Please help me out as early as possible, as I really need it very fast. Thanking you, in advance and hoping for a positive response from you, I take leave.


Gandluri Srinivas