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Jun 06, 2007 at 07:52 AM

Separate Number Range for Certain Invoices...



I have a query to which i expect some help.

In state of Gujarat, VAT (TAX) is applicable on sale of Gas.

1. For Commercial segment of business, certain consumers can claim credit for VAT from the tax authorities. As a statutory requirement, the invoice will be titled “Tax Invoice” and will have a separate set of serial number. Other customers will have an invoice titled “Retail Invoice” with a separate serial number.

2. The serial number has to be reset at the start of the financial year.

In ISU-CCS, a single number range can be created for periodic billing. There is no way to have different number range for a same segment of business and initialization.

1) How can these scenarios can be handled in Standard SAP Without Enhancement?

2) Are there Any Event to mitigate this Scenario.

Any Help on this will b appriciated with points,