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Jun 06, 2007 at 03:15 AM

incorrect text in alert for contract and bid invitation


Dear gurus,

We're activating alerts for contract (treshold exceeded and expire) and also for bid invitation. During testing, we do get email advising us to do "please check contract" and "please check bid invitation". What puzzle me is that the text is only that. It is not mentioning the contract number and the bid invitation number.

I have checked ALRTCATDEF, and seeing the setting I know that the text should be "please check contract &OBJECT_ID&" in which i assume that object_id should be a variable that will be replaced during runtime. I see that alert for employee also using the same thing, but in here object_id is replaced successfully as i get email with title please check employee xxxxxx.

I think that the data has not been passed correctly. Can you all suggest where to look first to solve this issue?

Best regards,