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Jun 05, 2007 at 10:02 PM

Sourcing: Shows wrong company code and cost center



We have implemented SRM4.0 SP8. When we display shopping carts in sourcing cockpit before aggregate to create a PO, we check that SC from different companies doesn’t show the correct company code and cost center. We have a central purchase group that aggregates SC from different enterprises. For two SC, the second displays a wrong company code and cost center.


First SC:

SC -> A123

Company -> SNLL

Cost center –> AAA

Second SC:

SC -> A124

Company -> SNPP

Const center -> BBB

When displaying the second SC it shows company code SNLL and Cost center AAA each is incorrect. In DB data is correct for each SC, company code (table BBP_PDBEI) and cost center per item (BBP_PDACC). Even if we aggregate both SC to create one PO, this document has correct data per item (different company code, requester, cost center) the only issue is related with the information showed in ITS/HTML in sourcing cockpit before aggregation.

Do you have any idea how can we resolve this?

Thanks in advance