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Jun 05, 2007 at 08:36 PM

File system repository manager


Hello All ---

I have created a file system repository manager and integrated a external repository on a Windows share with the Portal. I also created a KM Navigation iview for displaying the contents of the network share from the Portal. The contents of the network share are displayed to all the users who have super admin rights, but to an end user, who just has a custom role and the KM Navigation iview assigned, the contents are not displayed and I get an error

<b>"Access Denied: The item you are attempting to access requires permissions you do not have. Contact the item's owner or a system administrator to acquire the permissions in question."</b>

I had assigned "W2KSecurityManager" to the File system repository manager. Even the administrator user cannot change the permissions for that repository by going to Details --> Settings --> Permissions. When I go to Details --> Settings --> Permissions, I see only the permissions for that item (allow permissions for List Children, Create Child, Read Properties, Write Properties, Delete). But if I assign ACLSecurityManager, i see options to change the permissions for users or a group.

How does this work? What kind of Security manager should I be assigning to a File system repository manager?

Thanks much in advance,

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