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Jun 05, 2007 at 03:20 PM

EP6 and AD LDAP - Pointing the User Path to a Security Group


Hi experts,

Our company will be reorganizing its Active Directory LDAP structure (which we don't have much control over) similar to the following:

MyCompany (Root)

|_Production (OU)

|__NY (Security Group)



|__FL (Security Group)



|__CA (Security Group)



  • = User referenced from another domain. [These users are merely pointers/references to the actual user objects which reside in other domains]

We are currently testing this structure against EP6 using a flat hierarchy. However, we are unable to authenticate users.

Using the ConfigTool, we set the Group Path to the OU -> Production and User Path to the same OU -> Production. But we have no success authenticating.

We have tried varies combinations for the Group/User paths, as well as switching between the two hierarchies, flat and deep. But still no luck.

Basically, we'd like our User Path to point the Organizational Unit -> Production, which cascades into the referenced users.

We have searched all of SAP Marketplace/SDN and googled but came up with very little. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,