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Former Member
Jun 05, 2007 at 02:51 PM

JCO Function in a WD program



Just like it is possible to get export parameters from a function in a normal JCO program, is it possible to get these export parameters (through the function call getExportParameterList) in a normal WD program?

I have a WD with Adaptive RFC. I would like to create an xml file with the export and table parameters. For that I need to create a function of course so that I can use something like function.getExportParameterList into a ParameterList object.

Since a function is run through execute (as in mConnection.execute(function)), I thought it might be the model object of my BAPI. But that doesnt work either.

I cannot write JCO.Function func = wdThis.wdGetContext().currentBapi_Quotation_Createfromdata2_InputElement().modelObject();

Does any one have any idea how I could do that?

Thanks for looking into it,