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Jun 05, 2007 at 01:05 PM

GUI crashes after 2-300 calls of reuse_alv_grid_display


Hello all,

i have developed a monitoring tool, that uses the reuse_alv_grid_display. The user can perform some tasks in SD right out of the tool, which changes the displayed data in ALV. It is a semi-automated process, so the user has to refresh the list manually.

The program allways goes to these steps, every time, the user performs a refresh action:

- get current data

- build field catalog

- set some format options (show icons, change cell colour)

- call reuse_alv_grid_display

After 2-300 refresh operations (user has reported ist, i can't reproduce the error), the GUI crashes complete (all GUI screens) . SAPGui cannot be restarted, only a reboot brings it up again.

After seeking sdn and the 'net, i can't find any option, to refresh the alv list, without reuse_alv_grid_display. Does anybody has a hint or workaround?

I think, the GUI control is not destroyed properly.

Simply use the ALV-object is not possible, because this will have a massive impact in development time.

Thanks to all in advance!