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How to create a new Handling unit assigned to a Shipment?


has anyone an experience how to create a new HU and assign it to a shipment (object type VEKP-VPOBJ = '04')?

I need to create it via SAPConsole transaction. Originally I intended to use LM19 to create an unassigned HU and to assign it further on via some BAPI. But I could not find any suitable BAPI for the assignment. Standard transaction LM24, allows only to create a HU with an assignement to a delivery (outbound/inbound).

Thank you


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4 Answers

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    Jun 04, 2007 at 12:43 PM

    LM24 is the transaction to pack HU and assign it to delivery. If the delivery is tied to a shipment, then the HU should be tied to shipment. In SAP Console RF transactions, there is an issue that I came across that tells me that HU is not assigned to shipment while doing RF Loading with LM30. This is not the case however when I do the same transaction from SAP GUI using LM00. You can get this working by having correct GUI patch level if this is the issue you are trying to solve.

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  • Jan 08, 2015 at 01:35 AM

    If you want to use function modules to accomplish this, here is 1 way.





       lw_hproposal-hu_exid         = i_exidv.  "Ext HU# Optional

       lw_hproposal-hu_status_init = 'A'.          "Planned. -

       lw_hproposal-pack_mat   = i_pack_mat.       "Packaging Material

    *  This will create an UNASSIGNED HU object type 12.



           headerproposal = lw_hproposal


           huheader       = lw_huheader

           hukey          = lv_hukey


           itemsproposal  = li_iproposal

           return         = li_return.

    *  I could not assign to a shipment unless the commit was done.

    IF lv_hukey IS NOT INITIAL.



             wait   = 'X'


             return = lw_return.

         IF sy-subrc NE 0.

           APPEND lw_return TO et_return.


    *    Assign to a Shipment

         lw_huheader-pack_mat_object  = i_object.               "04-HU Type for Shipment

         lw_huheader-pack_mat_obj_key = i_obj_key.           "Shipment #   
         lw_huheader-dc_custom_mat    = i_dc_custom_mat."Sets the Dist Channel



             hukey     = lv_hukey

             huchanged = lw_huheader


             huheader  = e_huheader


             return    = li_return.

         e_hukey       = lv_hukey.

    *It is still not attached to the shipment until HU_POST is done.


       LS_OBJECT-OBJKEY = P_OBJKEY.   "Shipment Number.



        IF_SYNCHRON          = ' '

        IF_COMMIT            = 'X'

        IS_OBJECT            = LS_OBJECT


        ET_MESSAGES          = LT_MESSAGES

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    Jun 04, 2007 at 01:42 PM

    Dear Jiri Melzer

    please try this go to HU02 , mention the packing material , then mention the material quantity ,WH no, plant , storage location

    i hope it will help you ,

    other option is MB01 movement type 561 , increase the stock , system will create the Inbound delivery , during the goods receipt system will create the HU , then you use the same HU for shipment

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    Jun 04, 2007 at 02:20 PM

    Can you check VT01n/VT02n while creating shipments, you can select list of deliveries. Here in VT02n there is a pack icon on the screen. If you click the pack icon then you can create HUs directly on shipment with VEKP-VPOBJ = '04'.

    It is possible to pack at shipment level using transaction LM63 before goods issue. Please check that.

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    • Former Member Former Member

      Hi Jiri,

      we have exactly the same requirement. Can you please share what solution you came up with.

      Our requirement goal to

      1. Pack HU's from multiple deliveries of one shipment onto one pallet.

      2. There may be multiple outer HU'S within shipment and we want to move inner handling unit from one outermost HU to another outermost HU's

      issue we are facing HU's are assigned to delivery.

      Thanks in advance.