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Jun 01, 2007 at 07:00 AM

To create role with display only activity


Hi All,

Can any body help me in the following scenarios.

1. If the requirement is to give authorizations for all Fi or PP or MM transactions with display only activity.

( I tried by creating a role and adding ' F* ' --- in case of FI transactions; but then very few transactions can be displayed. Rest all FI transactions ( starting from F only ) need some or other object. And as you know there are N no of FI transactions then it is really difficult to check for each and every transaction )

2. I also tried by assigning some standard profiles but they too were insufficient !!

3. Is there any simple way to overcome this problem.

4, Also please let me know..if there is any way by which we can make mass change to '"Activity" field.

e.g. I have one role and I want to convert it into display only role. that means I have to change values of all "activity" field to '03' i.e. DISPLAY.

So can I do this in single stroke? If yes; how?




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