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Jun 01, 2007 at 06:38 AM

data not getting saved in xd01 additional screen


hi all,

Ive created an additional tab and a field in it in XD01 using badis :

Prepare Modification-Free Enhancement of Customer Master Rec.

Business Add-In: Processing of Master Data Enhancements

Business Add-In: Customer Subscreens

in the first badi, ive assigned screen group as "ZK" and function code for the tab "ZSK_TAB".

in the second badi, ive used only the following method:

CHECK_ADD_ON_ACTIVE and placed the following code inside:

data: l_flg_active type boole-boole.

if i_screen_group = 'ZK'.

e_add_on_active = 'X'.


in the third badi, ive used the method:GET_TAXI_SCREEN and coded it as:

case i_taxi_fcode.

when 'ZSK_TAB'.

e_screen = '1111'. "Eart + Objekt

e_program = 'SAPLZCUSTOMER'.

e_headerscreen_layout = ' '.


ive appended the field "ZFIELD" in kna1.

Ive created function pool and created screen '1111' and given the field name 'kna1-zfield1' and screen group 'zk'.

PROBLEM: i cna see the tab in xd01 but am not able to save data in the Zfield of kna1.

kindly suggest how to save data via xd01 and get it displayed in xd02 and xd03.

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