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How to avoid scheduling in EWM

Hey guys,

does anybody has experience with Routing guide & scheduling in EWM?

We determine our routes in ERP but Need the Routing guide in EWM to be active as we have an enhancement in place which enables us to Change the shipping condition for ODO items (based on this Change we Need EWM Standard to conduct route Determination again as new SC might result in new route also).

This is all working fine but seems that the Routing guide is also doing some scheduling somewhere in the Background. We send down the ERP delivery date e.g. with WADAT (planned GI date) 10.07 and LFDAT (delivery date) 15.07. The dates are mapped accordingly so the ODR still has the correct Dates. Now upon activation of ODO the LFDAT gets updated and changed to same value as WADAT (or todays date in case WADAT is in the past).

Does anybody has any idea how we can avoid this? I know there is customizing node "Define Scheduling Within Route Determination" but no entry exists there for my ODO type.

Thanks a lot in advance for every helpful comment!

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    Jul 13, 2017 at 03:45 PM

    Hi Hendrik,

    if the routing guide runs, it will also do scheduling.

    the dates also have a field "Value Determination indicator". Maybe could you try to change this to "M" (manually set).

    Then the scheduling may not touch them. try it first "online" and then later maybe you can set it in a BAdI during the transfer from ERP.

    But it could be that you will get warnings if the system detects that your dates are not "up to date". So this would be one thing you could try.

    There are also BAdIs , e.g. "BAdI: Route Determination and Route Check" where you can change the result of the routing guide and/or set the dates in the delivery back to the values before the determination. but this may be a little bit more effort and requires good knowledge.

    Best regards


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    • Thanks a lot Markus.

      We found out that it is basically the route scheduling indicator which was not communicated properly from ERP (we have our own route Determination logic in place in ERP) and thus, route Determination indicator and route source was not set properly in ODR/ODO Header. We corrected this and it is not updating any more.

      In addition we implemented Badi /SCWM/EX_DLV_DET_ROUTE es suggested by you as we have another custom update method in place which changes the shipping condition on item Level and triggers EWM route Determination again for the given ODO. This one should also not Change the delivery date and thus we are saving the 'old' Dates and overwrite the EWM determined values in the given method of the implementing class.