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Jun 01, 2007 at 06:15 AM

Related to System Programs


Hi Experts,

As per OSS notes i should not use CK40N transaction for batch input program. but i can use ck41 or ck42 .However ck41 or ck42 doesnt have all features like given below(6 points), as CK40N Does.

In my requirement , data is not flat file but i will get data related to

companycode,procuremnt type,material type,plant from some tables and will

store in some internal table.

The requirement must be done with 6 steps as follows by using CK40N transaction and system programs related to CK40N shown below.

1. Selection List - saprck60

2. Structure Explosion - saprck62

3.Costing - saprck10

4.Analysis - rkkbcal2

5.Marking - saprck23

6.Release - saprck23

Now alternative is to develop report program which uses System programs for batch processing by using submit keyword since we cannot use BDC's.

I prepared BDC data for ck40n transactions,so my question is how can we pass batch input data as parameters to the system programs, so that set of records

are processed by using system programs.

Please give some idea to do this.

points will be rewarded for helpful answers.

please reply me if anything is not clear