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Cross tab calculation in Lumira.

Jul 06, 2017 at 05:26 PM


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Recently, I have been started working on SAP Lumira Desktop version 1.31 and was looking for some help in creating cross tab reports in visualize room.

I have created a cross tab report in visualize room in Lumira and I need to show only the Top 20 highest exposures in the cross tab and then I need to do calculate a % by adding another column for each Top 20 exposures based on the total exposure. I was able to do this by using WebI and wanted to know whether we achieve the same thing by using Lumira ?

Here is the sample example -

I have top 6 where the sum of measure object is 45 and I have lot of other data which doesn't fall in the category of top 6. Say, Suppose the total sum of entire data set is 100 and I want to calculate % of each measure and then I have to show the total (eg 100 ) and for All Others as 55 (100-45).

Account # Measures % value calculation 1 10 10/100 2 09 09/100 3 08 08/100 4 07 07/100 5 06 06/100 6 05 05/100 Sum 45 All Others 55 Total 100 The problem here is when I try to apply a rank on Measure to show the required data the % value is being derived based on the total of the rank that was applied. It is not deriving by using the total sum. Do we have a NoFilter similar to Webi in Lumira ?
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1 Answer

Ludek Uher
Jul 12, 2017 at 08:38 PM

Hi Jagdeesh

I do not think Lumira will do this for you. I suppose the comment could be that some tools are good at one thing, others are not. Lumia will do a pretty good job at visualizing data, but not that good at manipulating it as it really is quite dependent on that data to be already manipulated before it is used.

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