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Jun 01, 2007 at 01:34 AM

BI Content in 7.0 - Migrated DS - Want to have Infosource - How?,


We have a fresh BI 7.0 Dev Box. We have to install lot of BI content. I know that it's all 3.x content out there. I have installed 0CO_OM_CCA_9 chain. I have migrated the Datasource to 7.0 and the blue square button is gone now.

Now, I know that infosource is optional in 7.0, however since the Business Content Data Content was designed keeping the 3.x data flow in mind, I would like to not to change any data flow which comes as part of the data content and that includes info-source.

Having said that, I see the option 'create transformation' on transfer rules and update rules in the data flow. When I try to do that, it prompts a new screen, wherein it asks 'Do you want to copy the info-source or Use the available info-source?'.

If I choose the first one, it is asking me to create a new info-source(in customer 'Z' name space) based on the existing content info-source(0CO-OM-CCA_9). On the other hand if I choose the 'available info-source' I can't see any available ones, even though I have already installed 0CO_OM_CCA_9.

It looks to me that if we want to install standard content, we only have an option of migrating the Data Source(the DS name remains same), but not the option of migrating the Info-Source(since it looks to me that we have to create a new Z info-source based on standard content info-source. My worry is about the impact of Z info-sources for future upgrades).

It's a decision point for me, I am sure some of you have experienced this. Please help me as to what to do if I have to use the standard delivered info-source