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May 31, 2007 at 07:44 PM

Finance GL/ AR /AP extraction


Hello Experts,

I am a newb with respect to BI/BW extraction. Please read through and let me know if all the configuration is proper and is there any change required.

I donot have access to SAP notes. I have referred to best practices, but for the GL account the document is kinda of offtrack or I believe its incomplete.

Very well here it goes.


For GL extraction.

General Ledger (New): Transaction Figures

ODS object 0FIGL_O10 is connected to infoSource 0FI_GL_6 which is further connected to datasource 0FI_GL_6

FIGL: Transaction Figures- Cost of Sales Ledger

ODS object 0FIGL_O07 is connected to infoSource 0FI_GL_7 which is further connected to datasource 0FI_GL_7

General Ledger: Line items

ODS object 0FIGL_O02 is connected to infoSource 0FI_GL_4 which is further connected to datasource 0FI_GL_4


For AR Extraction

FIAR:Transaction Figures

ODS object 0FIAR_O06 is connected to infoSource 0FI_AR_6 which is further connected to datasource 0FI_AR_6

FIAR:Line Item

ODS object 0FI_AR_O03 is connected to infoSource 0FI_AR_4 which is further connected to datasource 0FI_AR_4


For AP Extraction

FIAP:Transaction Figures

ODS object 0FIAP_O06 is connected to infoSource 0FI_AP_6 which is further connected to datasource 0FI_AP_6

FIAP:Line Item

ODS object 0FI_AP_O03 is connected to infoSource 0FI_AP_4 which is further connected to datasource 0FI_AP_4

I need to know whether the above configuration is good. My following question is with regard to the infopackages. All of the above sources are delta compatible and so I need to know how to begin the loading of data

This is what I see in the infopackage.

Under the update tab in the infopackage

Update mode

Full Update

Initialize Delta Process

> Initialization with Data transfer

> Initialization without Data Transfer

> Early Delta Initialization.

I am thinking that the following extraction steps would be appropriate:

1) Do a full update of GL Line items, Transaction and Cost of Sales and then do a full update for AP and AR Line and Transaction.

2) Initialize with Data Transfer should be done once a full upload is done.

Please throw some more light. Your help would be highly appreciated and awarded accordingly.

Thank you.