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May 31, 2007 at 10:38 AM

Lookup API - SPRAS value returned is not correct


Hi All

We are using the lookup API of XI to make a lookup in the SAP system and return values such as LAND1, and SPRAS. SPRAS has 2 kindoff value, one is the display value which is a 2 character value, and then the actual value which is a single character value. Internally a conversion routine takes care of converting this 2 character value to single character. For instance the countrykey of Poland is PL and its display SPRAS value is PL and actual value is L.

While unit testing we get the correct value of 'L', but when we do the integration testing we get the display value of 'PL'. This is a problem we face when we use the Lookup API. But when I use a JCO call to make a lookup, I get the correct value being returned.

This is a weird behavior, I am not sure if I overlooked something while using the lookup API. I even tried changing the function module to return a single char value, but still the wrong value is being returned with the lookup API. Could it be an issue with the Lookup API ??

I used the code given in the following weblog,


Any suggestion friends.