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May 31, 2007 at 10:15 AM

SAP-EP in ABAP and JAVA ?????


Hi all,

When i started studying about for implementing each and every thing in EP/EP-related things it can be done in ABAP and JAVA as well.

I am really worried about this i am already an ABAP consultant and though i have knowledge of J2EE i prefer to follow ABAP version of EP i.e. Dynpro in ABAP and Adobe forms in ABAP..

But i heard that market is good only Java version of implementing the EP.

and SAP it self is suggesting to go for JAVA version.. in that case why has it created ABAP dynpro,ADOBE forms etc etc.

why there are 2 ways (JAVA and ABAP) is it to confuse?? please help .. even if i learn ABAP version of everything will that be useful or not?? As u r already into EP,you guys can tell me is there market for ABAP version of implementing EP related things!!

Please reply.


Thanks in advance.