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May 31, 2007 at 09:20 AM

plz give me solution.


REPORT ZMTEST no standard page heading.

tables: mseg, makt, resb.

types: begin of ty_head,

date like sy-datum,

time like sy-uzeit,

mblnr like mseg-mblnr,

mjahr like mseg-mjahr,

budat like mkpf-budat,

WERKS like mseg-WERKS ,

LGORT like resb-LGORT,

UMLGO like mseg-UMLGO,

rsnum like resb-rsnum,

rspos like resb-rspos,

rsart like resb-rsart,

MATNR like mseg-MATNR,

MAKTX like makt-MAKTX,

MEINS like mseg-MEINS,

BDMNG like resb-BDMNG,

MENGE like mseg-MENGE,

end of ty_head.

data sno type sy-index.

data v_menge type mseg-menge.

data: it_head type standard table of ty_head

initial size 50.

data: wa_head type ty_head.

select-options : s_mblnr for mseg-mblnr obligatory.

parameters : s_year like mseg-mjahr default sy-datum.

select mblnr mjahr matnr meins menge werks umlgo

rsnum rspos lgort

from mseg into corresponding fields of table it_head

where mblnr in s_mblnr

and mjahr eq s_year .

if sy-subrc = 0.

sort it_head by mblnr mjahr matnr.

write: /65 'Time', Sy-uzeit,

/65 'Date', sy-datum.

loop at it_head into wa_head.

on change of wa_head-mblnr.

sno = 0.

select single budat into wa_head-budat

from mkpf

where mblnr = wa_head-mblnr

and mjahr = wa_head-mjahr.

select single lgort from resb into wa_head-lgort where rsnum =


write:/ 'Document number: ' , wa_head-mblnr,

50 'Date of issue', wa_head-budat,

/ 'Plant', wa_head-werks,

/ 'Storage loc.', wa_head-lgort,

50 'Recieving Stloc', wa_head-umlgo.

uline /1(119).

write: / sy-vline,

'Sno', 6 sy-vline,

text-001 ,26 sy-vline,

text-002, 70 sy-vline,

text-003, 77 sy-vline,

text-004, 99 sy-vline,

text-005, 119 sy-vline.

uline /1(119).


select single bdmng into wa_head-bdmng

from resb where rsnum = wa_head-rsnum

and rspos = wa_head-rspos .

select single maktx into wa_head-maktx from makt

where matnr = wa_head-matnr.

*on change of wa_head-matnr.

sno = sno + 1.

v_menge = wa_head-menge + v_menge.

write: / sy-vline ,

3 sno left-justified,

6 sy-vline,

wa_head-matnr under text-001,

26 sy-vline,

wa_head-maktx under text-002,

70 sy-vline,

wa_head-meins under text-003,

77 sy-vline,

wa_head-bdmng under text-004,

99 sy-vline,

v_menge under text-005,

119 sy-vline.



uline /1(119).


this is my program .I want to display only one record istead of repeated and menge will be add.

plz help me .

thanking you.