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May 31, 2007 at 03:16 AM

Get value from table control


Hi Guys,

FYI, im having a table control with field Plant and Material. I have defaulted the <b>std search help</b> to field <u>Material</u> at the screen painter. Meaning system will call up the search help for Material once i press F4.

Since the search help for field Material is a collective search help, and there is a <u>Plant</u> field available for Material filtering. Thus i may need to get the Plant's value from of same row of the table control to Populate into the Material's search help.

I have already tried to create a new module under the LOOP...ENDLOOP at PAI's flow logic. And try to use parameter id to set the value for plant, purpose is to populate it to Material's search help when i click F4 on material field. The problem is the new module that i coded under LOOP...ENDLOOP will never trigger when i click F4. Because there is NO event to trigger my module.

Other than the above, i tried to code it under POV. But it doesn't work as well, because there is more than 1 record under table control and i can not determine the during runtime which row of F4 for material being click.

Please comment on this above on how to solve the problem.

Thanks in advance.