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May 30, 2007 at 12:44 PM



Hi friends,

i am facing small problem regarding output type. In va03 I have the output type ‘BA01’ for order confirmation. Once we select the output type BA01 and then further we make changes in Sales Order(VA01) then those field which are there in Output Form will be reflected in the new Output BA01.For example changes in material description,quantity,price…. That means ba01 is triggering one more time.But it is not showing the new processing date and time it is showing the previous date and time only but i am able to see the changes in the print preview Where I can check on what basis it is triggering (I mean the fields which trigger new output type) (routine related to that output type is RV61B601).Please help me and tell me how to reward the points.

Thanks & Regards,

Vaddi Bharat.