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May 30, 2007 at 11:23 AM

reposition of overflowcontainer


Hi there,

my problem is about an overflowcontainer that contains a large TableView. After a Server Event the position of the Container is resetted to the initial state. I’m now searching for a way to remember the scrollposition and make the overflowcontainer “jump” to the scrollposition from before the ServerEvent.

Searching this forum I found a parameter


but this doesn’t work here. I don’t get an error when the syntax is checked so the parameter is valid, but it simply doesn’t work – same behavior than mode = “Scroll”.

I also found a hint that we might need note 871461 installed to make it work, but this note cannot be installed with our SP-Level. We have 6.20 SP 49. (I even see that now this note is not available any more…hmm)

Thanks for any help,