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May 30, 2007 at 06:01 AM

Call Transaction Update Option :synchronous


Hi all.

I have qeusiton related to call transaction synchronous mode.

Question is, how far the parameter 'S' gurantee synchronous update in the call transaction bdc.

I went through some of the related threads, and found similar one but did not reached to conclusion what i wnated to know.

I think my question is similar to the one below.

How synchronous is a Synchronous Call Transaction

Within a program,

1.created material master using call tran update option S. process, select material record created step1 from material master table.

what happen is step 2 fails.

It seems database commit is not synchronous.

is it due to oracle commit performance?

May be program proceeds next step when commit was issued at oracle level.

But data base is slow to process update physical table entry after commit issue.

And step 2 process select statement is issued before end of actual DB updade.

(I am not familiar with oracle so this may be pointless...)