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How to assign services to own namespace in HANA express edition 2.0 SPS 01?

Dear all,

to avoid development in SAP namespace I have created an own namespace, so far so good. The problem is, while doing so I wasnt asked which services I would like to assign to this one, so accordingly applications in this namespace want run, since there is obviously no build service to do so e.g.

Within the xs advanced administration resp. org and space management Im able to see the new created namespace, but I cant find an edit button or something similar (logged in with XSA_ADMIN):

So, its probably simple, but I cant find it on my own: how can I add services to an own namespace?

Independently from this: how can I know which services I unconditionally will need? Are those and they purposes documented somewhere? Im clear I could take the SAP namespace as a template, but would prefer to understand what exactly Im doing.

If somebody could give me some help on this please, thank you


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3 Answers

  • Jul 09, 2017 at 05:45 AM

    Hello Lawrence,

    You have to run the Space Enablement for your namespace:

    There are different ways to run it, but I like to launch it from the Application Monitor:

    Best regards


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    Former Member
    Jul 21, 2017 at 12:00 AM

    Hi Frank,

    sorry for coming late on this. I ran the di space enablement from the application list, since log should be fine:

    Starting the builder deployment in space dev...
    Checking the builder status in the required space...
    Starting the builder MTA deployment...
    Uploading 1 files:
    File upload finished
    Uploading 1 files:
    File upload finished
    Starting process xs2-deploy...
    Starting monitoring...
     Validating parameters...
     Processing MTA archive...
     Processing MTA extension descriptors...
     Detecting MTA major schema version...
     MTA schema version: 2.0.0
     Detecting deploy target...
     Detected deploy target "HANAExpress dev"
     Validating and merging descriptors...
     Detecting deployed MTA...
     No deployed MTA detected
     Collecting system parameters...
     New MTA version: 4.1.39
     Building cloud deployment model...
     Building cloud undeployment model...
     Validating services to create...
     Validating applications to deploy...
     Adding domains...
     Deleting unused reserved routes...
     Creating or updating services...
     Preparing applications deployment...
     Checking application "di-builder"...
     Application "di-builder" does not exist
     Creating application "di-builder"...
     Uploading application "di-builder"...
     Matched files count: 0
     Matched resources processed, total size is 0
     Upload status: finished
     Scaling application "di-builder"...
     Staging application "di-builder"...
     Cloning git repository: https://hxehost:51042/git-server/2f/66/af/SYSTEM/builder-buildpack-project
     Cloning git repository succeeded.
     Generic Builder Deployment
     +++ Generic Builder Buildpack compile... +++
     BUILDPACK ROOT DIR: /hana/shared/HXE/xs/app_working/stager/work/206db491-0d27-4134-b73e-8c797ad2a63f-4/custom-git-build-pack/bin/..
     adding Java environment...
     start java buildpack compile...
     Compiling Java application...
     Java XS Buildpack Version: 1.6.2
     Downloaded 'SAP JVM JDK', version '8.1.29' in 0.618 s.
     Downloaded 'Tomcat Runtime', version '8.5.12' in 0.348 s.
     Downloaded 'XS Authenticator', version '1.6.1' in 0.1 s.
     Downloaded 'SAPJWT', version '1.0.0' in 0.1 s.
     Downloaded 'SAP JVM Memory Calculator', version '1.6.1' in 0.51 s.
     finish java buildpack compile
     adding Nodejs environment...
     using curl with openssl
     getting nodejs runtime location from local XSA
     Preparing for download  NodeJS version from XSA runtime
     Retrieving NodeJS URL
     nodejs download url: https://hxehost:39030/v2/runtimes/7da9a40a-2f4b-490c-9c14-03bda415f48d/node6.9?version=3.1
     requesting nodejs runtime from local XSA...
     PK********************Preparing for download  NodeJS version from XSA runtime
     Retrieving NodeJS URL
     nodejs download url: https://hxehost:39030/v2/runtimes/7da9a40a-2f4b-490c-9c14-03bda415f48d/node4.7?version=1.10
     requesting nodejs runtime from local XSA...
     PK********************finish Nodejs environment
     + Finish Generic Builder Buildpack compile +
     Starting application "di-builder"...
     Application "di-builder" staged
     0 of 1 instances running (1 starting)
     0 of 1 instances running (1 starting)
     0 of 1 instances running (1 starting)
     0 of 1 instances running (1 starting)
     0 of 1 instances running (1 starting)
     1 of 1 instances running (1 running)
     Application "di-builder" started and available at "https://hxehost:51022"
     Publishing public provided dependencies for application "di-builder"...
     Creating subscriptions...
     Registering service URLs...
     Deleting discontinued subscriptions...
     Deleting discontinued published dependencies...
     Unregistering discontinued service URLs...
     Undeploying discontinued applications...
     Creating service brokers...
     Updating subscribers...
    Process finished
    The builder has been deployed successfully in space dev.
    The builder deployment has finished with status: SUCCESSFUL in space dev.

    Indeed, I still dont see any services in the organization management:

    Also no luck with a redeployment or new space... Thanks,


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    Former Member
    Jul 26, 2017 at 06:01 PM

    Hello Lawrence:

    Here are instructions on how to create a service:

    Be sure to login to your new space and then create the service. For a list of service types available, you can run the xs marketplace command. It should give you a result like this:

    hxeadm@hxehost:/usr/sap/HXE/HDB90> xs marketplace
    Getting services from marketplace...
    service           plans                                    description
    fs-storage        free                                     xs file service provides an env variable which denotes the root of the clients application file system.
    xsuaa             default, devuser, space                  Manage application authorizations and trust to identity providers
    hana              hdi-shared, sbss, schema, securestore    SAP HANA database
    managed-hana      hdi-shared, schema, securestore          Creates service instances at runtime of: SAP HANA database
    auditlog          free                                     Audit log broker on the XSA Platform
    portal-services   site-host, site-content, admin-cockpit   Service broker for creating and accessing portal DB
    jobscheduler      default                                  Job Scheduler for scheduling long running, repeated tasks.



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