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Re: Issue with Asynchronous Webservice to Proxy Scenario

Jul 07, 2017 at 11:27 AM


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Hi All,

We have a asynchronous webservice to ECC Proxy scenario which has been working perfectly fine until we moved it to the new PI 7.3.1 environment.

One of the third party system in the client landscape is given PI end-point URL which is mapped to the ECC Proxy message: 3rd party <SOAP> PI <ABAP PROXY> ECC

The asynchronous scenario which was working without error until we moved it to a new PI upgraded environment where it started giving the below error:

  • QualityOfService has invalid value BE
  • Error Details below

The channel is set to QoS: Exactly Once - even in the old environment and there has been no change to this object.

Please, kindly let us know thoughts and if you happen to encounter similar issue - the best possible way to resolve ?! Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,



-" xmlns:SAP="" SOAP:mustUnderstand="1"> XIServer ATTRIBUTE_WRONG_VALUE</SAP:Code> <SAP:P1>Message->ReliableMessaging->QualityOfService</SAP:P1> <SAP:P2>BE</SAP:P2> <SAP:P3/> <SAP:P4/> <SAP:AdditionalText/> <SAP:Stack>Attribute Message->ReliableMessaging->QualityOfService has invalid value BE </SAP:Stack> <SAP:Retry>M</SAP:Retry> </SAP:Error>

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3 Answers

Manoj K Jul 07, 2017 at 11:45 AM


Can you check the end point URL which third party is using does not have QOS=BE in the URL ? If yes then remove it.

And also please check the service interface are still async there was an issue in the past where service interface where changing from async to sync after upgrade.

2321882 - ATTRIBUTE_WRONG_VALUE in Receiver Soap Adapter



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Raghuraman S Jul 07, 2017 at 11:36 AM

Change the quality of service in Sender channel to EO it should work.

EO is for async communicaitons.

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Former Member Jul 07, 2017 at 12:50 PM

After checking what Manoj mentioned, make sure the URL you have provided to the third party has &&QualityOfService=ExactlyOnce embedded.



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