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varchar(max) as memo to array and then plot chart of values

Jul 06, 2017 at 12:26 PM


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Hi Guys,

Sorry for the long description this is my first post:-)

I looking to plot values (Varchar(max)) on a chart in CR2016, we are using SQL2016.

When I tried to view the field in CR I found that CR sees the field as a Memo.

I have managed to fix the issue by this fix, using regedit and adding MapMaxTypeToString reg file and using native 11 driver.

The next issue I face is trying to convert these fields into some I can see on the chart?

The field is something this and can be upto 200 points long.

"22.915448 22.896113 22.878600 22.862887 22.848948 22.836761 22.826302 22.817546 22.810471 22.805053 22.801267 22.799090 22.798499 22.799470 22.801979 22.806002 22.811515"

What is the best way to convert/plot these values?



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1 Answer

Brian Dong Jul 06, 2017 at 04:24 PM

Hi Philip,

You can create a formula and use the Split function. This will create an array with your string as long as there is a common delimiter between your values. In this case, you can use the space.

Have a look at the Split function in the Help or search for it on the forums.

Good luck,


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