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Design Studio Upgrade to 1.6 SP05 runtime seems to be broken!

Jul 06, 2017 at 07:04 AM


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Hello Experts,

I have tried to upgrade my Design Studio from 1.6 SP3 to 1.6 SP5. In order to do so I first deinstalled Design Studio and then reinstalled it with the new installation file. That worked so far and I could migrate all the Extensions that I had installed afterwards. But when i then tried to work with it the preview view was loading a lot longer than i would exspect it to. In fact it never showed a result, only the permanent loading screen. To ensure that this is not due to bad performance of my Application I created a new Application that is completly empty. Even this one was constantly loading. This behaviour is observable in the preview window of Design Studio and on local execution. I waited 5 Minutes for an empty Application to finish loading before i stopped the attempt.

I tried the following solutions which all did not solve the issue:

1.) Repeating the Installation process

2.) Installing 1.6 SP4.2 first (this Version itself worked but upgrading from this to 1.6 SP05 did not)

3.) Deinstalling all Extensions first, then deinstalling Design Studio and deleting all files that I could find releated to Design Studio before Installing SP05

As all of this had no effect i tried installing SP05 on a completly new Laptop that never had Design Studio installed ever before. On this Laptop it actually worked and I could work. Does anybody know what i am doing wrong in upgrading Design Studio to cause these issues?

Thanks in Advance!

Best Regards,

Dominik Herrmann

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2 Answers

Dominik Herrmann Jul 06, 2017 at 08:26 AM


thanks for your reply. It seems that deleting Analysis-config and Analysis-workspace solves the issue!

Best Regards,

Dominik Herrmann

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Yes, that would do the trick.

Mustafa Bensan Jul 06, 2017 at 07:43 AM

Hi Dominik,

When I upgrade SP versions I have never uninstalled the old version. I just run the installer for the new SP version and it displays a message that the current version will be updated. After the update, the upgraded SP has always worked fine for me.

I wonder if uninstalling first results in some files still remaining which then impacts the subsequent install?



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