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May 28, 2007 at 03:58 PM

How to get ess~skl to work with mss~tmv (Skills and TeamViewer) WebDynpro





Hi All,

We have a requirement to hook up our EP7 WebDynpro TeamViewer to our EP7 WebDynpro Skills iView. The problem is that the Skills iView is from the ESS business package and looks for the user id through the EmployeeServicesInterface ...


I don't believe this is where the MSS TeamViewer is placing the pernr for the other iViews to refresh. How do I get the two talking to one another? Has anyone done this?

WebDynpro is supposed to be the new, rapid way of developing iViews however it seems to be far FAR more work that the old EP6 par file way of developing portal content. ... this task would have been a breeze in EP6.