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May 28, 2007 at 10:08 AM

Vendor Master LSMW issue !


I'm sorry for reposting this thread but really need solution for this:

Hi all,

I’m designing a lsmw for Vendor master [XK01] through recording , now the problem I’m facing is ,there are two fields whose technical names as well as description is same 1.Authorization[LFA1-BEGRU] occurring at account control section screen SAPMF02K-120V, Authorization[LFB1-BEGRU] occurring at accounting Info screen SAPMF02K-210V.

2.Terms Of Payment key[LFB1-ZTERM] occurring at SAPMF02K-0215, Terms Of Payment key[LFM1-ZTERM] occurring at SAPMF02K-0310.

Now after recording both of the fields are captured in rec but when I try to Map the fields in step 4 i.e field mapping I can map only one of them as there is only one fieldby these names, BEGRU,ZTERM in target structure. Because of them two fields are left unmapped in o/p.

One more question of mine is how can I give external vendor numbers in this LSMW???

Thanks and regards