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Jul 08, 2017 at 04:10 PM

Expose SAP BO universe as a ODATA service

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Hi Experts,

We are working on a requirement to connect to SAP BusinessObjects Universe from Power BI.

A) I have gone through the below 2 articles to get a high-level understanding of the steps required -

B) Below are the steps that I have performed -

1) Enabled the WACS Server

2) Downloaded the Semantic Layer SDK Samples and imported into Eclipse

3) Modified the sample code for an existing universe. This code is performing the following activities with the use of Semantic Layer RESTFUL Web services -

3.a. Logs on to BIP platform using RESTFUL Webservice

3.b. Creates a query using RESTFUL Webservice (In response we get the Query ID)

3.c. Get the data of that query using the ODATA URL as below :

GET <RESTFUL BASE URL>/queries/<queryID>/data.svc/<flowName>

3.d. Deletes the query using the RESTFUL Webservice as below :


C] Below are my queries -

1) What will be the ODATA URL that will be exposed to external applications ?

2) We tried giving ODATA URL as below, but it was giving authentication error - <RESTFUL BASE URL>/queries/<queryID>/data.svc/<flowName>

3) Can you please share a sample code, if anyone has it with them. High-level description would also be great.

Any help or pointers are really appreciated.

Thank you.