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May 28, 2007 at 08:51 AM

0UC_SALES_STATS_01 / DBESTA_BWPROT - two independent extractions possible?


Hi all,

I would like to gather some information about the 0UC_SALES_STATS_01 datasource and its extractor:

When already extracting data from this datasource using delta to an infocube, is it safe to start another extraction from this datasource and to load another cube (using gradually full, init and then delta)? Won't it interfere in some way with the current delta?

Some documents that I found on the sap portals mention the DBESTA_BWPROT table which stores the information about the not-yet-closed reconciliation keys. Can you please explain me who fills that table, when it fills it, and when the data is deleted from it?

If I started another independent extraction from this datasource (as hinted above) would the both extractions (current delta and new full/init/delta) use the same DBESTA_BWPROT table?

Many thanks for all your advices/tips on this datasource!