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Canceling a payment method in CCO after the transaction is completed

Jul 07, 2017 at 12:31 PM


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Hi experts,

Question 1:

A sales order was made in SAP Business One, this was fetched in CCO. A payment is done with wrong currency. Is it possible to alter the payment after it is completed?

This because if the receipt is returned the Sales order can no longer be fetched within CCO seeing this sales order will have the closed status within SAP Business One. I simply want to Edit the payment method to the correct currency and then complete the sales order with the correct payment type.

Question 2:

Why is does CCO make an outgoing payment after returning the whole receipt that is not linked to the original Sales order that was created in SAP Business One?

I noticed something strange after returning Sales Orders that had been completed in CCO,it seems to make an outgoing payment that is not linked to the original Sales order that was made in SAP Business One, but there is a new A/R invoice made with negative amounts for cash and for stock but this A/R invoice is not connected to the original Sales Order that was refunded.In doing so its making it very hard to know where to find the original if there is a new a/r invoice made with negative amounts but no link to why this was made and how to find.

Thanks in advance,

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Stephan Best
Jul 26, 2017 at 08:56 AM

Hi Gabriela,

unfortunately you have to do following steps for Question 1:


Cancel the payment of the sales order --> the total amount of the wrong posting in CCO is 0,00 (payment of SO and Cancellation). A negative AR Invoice and an outgoing payment is created in SBO


Cancel the the incoming payment, then cancel the positive AR Invoice then the Sales Order will be open again.

Cancel the outgoing payment, then cancel the negative AR Invoice.

As result the SO is open again and the other documents have the total of zero.


Fetch the SO again and pay with the correct currency,

As result the CCO has the correct value in the correct currency and the sales order is closed in SBO

From my point of view there is no other way to correct the postings in CCO and SBO.

Would it be possible to create an new entry in the Community for your 2nd Question?

Thanks a lot and kind regards


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