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May 28, 2007 at 01:52 AM

Test call of transport control program (tp) ended with return code 0232


hi all:

i planned to close off some requests, so i released the request and move the file to other dir. but when i moved the cofiles and log ,but i can't find the data file!

then the request turned to release started status!

Task DEVK906150 has the status "Release started"

Message no. TK698


Request DEVK906150 was released and now has the status Release started. However, the database export has either not been completed, or has terminated.

You cannot edit the request.

System Response

The function terminates.


You have the following options:

Release the request again.

Reset the request to the status Modifiable if the export has terminated, or if the request has had the status Release started for longer than 36 hours.

To do this, go to the hierarchical request overview and choose Request/task -> Request header. A dialog box appears. Choose Display <-> Change. You are then asked to confirm whether you want to change the status.

and other requests can't be released

Test call of transport control program (tp) ended with return code 0232

Message no. TK094


Your transport request could not be exported, since all requirements were not fulfilled.

Calling the transport control program tp

"tp EXPCHK DEVK905809 pf=
ERPDB\usr\sap\trans\bin\TP_DOMAIN_PRD.PFL -Dtransdir=

which checks the export requirements, returned the following information:

Return code from tp: 0232

Error text from tp: ERROR: Connect to DEV failed (20070528095130).

System Response

Further processing is terminated.


Check the following points:

Feasibility of the transport control program tp

Parameter settings in the transport profile

Availability of the transport directory and the subdirectories (cofiles, data, log, sapnames, bin)

Write authorization for the subdirectories

Write authorization for the files of the subdirectories cofiles, data, log, sapnames

Release the request again when the error has been removed