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SBO Hana version Shift+F2

this is the first time to create SHIFT+f2

in MS SQL is ok:

DECLARE @par AS NVARCHAR(200)SELECT TOP 0 @par = 'A' FROM OCRD T0 WHERE T0.Password = '[%0]'EXEC XGetHash '[%0]'

in Hana i have a

create PROCEDURE XGetHash(in id nvarchar(300))LANGUAGE SQLSCRIPTAScnt nvarchar(30) := 'Fuji3776';wynik nvarchar(30);BEGIN   wynik := CAST(CONCAT(:id, cnt) as nvarchar(300));   SELECT UCASE(TO_VARCHAR(HASH_MD5(to_binary(wynik)))) as  FROM DUMMY;END

and then in filed i have a SHIFT+F2:

par nvarchar;SELECT 'A' INTO par FROM OCRD T0 WHERE T0."Password" = '[%0]';CALL "XGetHash"('[%0]');

and i have an error:

please help me to solve a problem

bag-error.png (5.2 kB)
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