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C4C automatic deployment with two tenants in the same system ("Action initiated by the system")

Jul 07, 2017 at 09:46 AM


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Dear all,

this blog by Stefan Hagen ( describes that two tenants on the same system must always be in sync ("Be aware that a solution on multiple tenants on one physical system must have the same version. If a patch is deployed for example to tenant 112, the solution will also be updated in tenant 113 (or the other way around).")

However, what I am missing is some best-practice advise on how to handle this situation with regards to business users. I obviously need to lock the business users in both systems before I start a deployment in either system. But this situation is not even covered in the Dev Guide - so there is no advice regarding that.

Can anybody give some best practice advice?

  • Do I need to lock the users in both systems before deployment?
  • How does the system behave in case a phase in the deployment fails? Will it still start automatic deployment in the second once I activate/reactivate and the deployment finishes successfully in the second system?
  • What does all of this mean regarding the internal system? (Do both systems share the same code-base?)
  • And does a successful deployment in one system guarantee a successful deployment in the second? (Could there be activation erros in the second system if there were none in the first?)

It would be great if somebody could share some insights! And if SAP is reading this: Please add some info regarding this to the DEV guide! Thanks!


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Anant Acharya
Jul 07, 2017 at 02:26 PM

Dear Stefan,

Please refer the blog for details.

Answer 1 -> Business Users are not required to be locked. Only developer users should not be check in any files or content of solution.

Answer 2 -> Answered in Blog.

Answer 3 -> Most of the internal systems are hosted on same system Ids. Its depends on the landscape.and licenses of customer.

Answer 4 -> Most of time it goes successfully or it times due to different status of Addons or any content issues it might fail.


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